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Apr 14

Word Alive 2019: Morning Bible reading notes

Here are my notes from the Morning Bible Readings at Word Alive 2019. 2 Timothy 1:1-2:1 Real Christianity is looking death in the face and being confident of life through it. Paul is writing his last words to Timothy, and he has this sort of confidence. He has kept the faith in Christ Jesus, and […]
Apr 12

Word Alive 2017: Morning Bible reading notes

Galatians 1:6-10, 2:10-21 The greatest threat to the church (corporate or individual) is not liberalism or any of the many controversies of our age, but rather in the church carrying out the mission of the Gospel in the power of the flesh rather than by the power of the Spirit. Paul begins his letter not […]
Apr 11

Notes from Word Alive 2016: Evening celebrations

This week Kirsten, myself and the kids have been enjoying a fantastic week at Word Alive 2016 in Prestatyn. The morning Bible readings on Job were truly excellent and the evening celebrations looking at some of the ‘I am’ sayings from John’s Gospel have been equally superb. For anyone at Word Alive 2016 who would like to go over […]