Colossians study mockup

Colossians 4:2-18

The book of Colossians helps us to avoid falling into the trap of thinking that we need ‘something more’ than Jesus to be loved and accepted by God. We don’t need more than Jesus. We just need to know Jesus more. Knowing this gives us freedom to live the new life in Christ that he has given us.

About this study

Colossians 4:2-18 brings the letter to a close. The description of what new life in Christ looks like (which started in 3:15-4:1) finishes with two things that we’re to do as we live out our ordinary Christian life: devote ourselves to prayer and share the gospel of Jesus. The letter finishes with some ‘hellos’ and greetings, but even here we get a glimpse of how living the ordinary Christian life can have an extra-ordinary impact on people around us… and even on the rest of the world.

What’s included?

  • Full Bible text to help you prepare and lead each study
    The Bible text has key words or sections highlighted to connect each question with where you can find it in the text, so that God’s Word is doing most of the talking.
  • A suggested outline for you to follow
    The suggested outline begins with a simple introduction question to get your group started, and then moves through the study looking at God’s Word together and thinking about what it is saying to us today.
  • Helpful discussion questions
    There are several groups questions designed to explore the passage, think about what it means and begin to apply God’s Word to our everyday lives.
  • A helpful layout when printed out
    Each study fits onto a single page (printed both sides) and are deliberately formatted so they can be slipped into your Bible, allowing you to see both the Bible text (in your own Bible) and the study questions at the same time.

Plus, each download also includes the following artwork for free…

Booklet cover design
Easily produce printed booklets using this custom booklet cover design.

Poster-sized image
Design and print posters for your group.

Presentation slide image
Display a title slide in your meetings or online during group video calls.

Social media master image
Resize / crop this master image for use online

About these study guides

Each study guide gives you all you need to lead a Bible study with a small group, youth group or part of your one-to-one discipleship programme.

These study guides follow the I.D.E.A. study pattern: Intro, Explore, Discuss, and Apply. This helps you lead each study from start to finish in a way that is intentional, relevant to each passage and engaging for those you serve.

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  • Single Bible study guide
  • Download and print or use online
  • Ready to go and easy to use
  • Series artwork included for free