Video Bible talks

What follows is an outline of an idea that Kirsten and I have had cooking in the back of our minds for some time now: video-based expositional Bible teaching for use…

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Best youth / children’s teacher… ever

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Who would be your number one youth/children’s teacher?[/clickandtweet] If you could encourage just one person to be active in teaching and discipling your children, who…

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Support us in prayer

With a new season of life and ministry approaching, we are reminded once again that while we may plan our course, it is the LORD that will establish our steps (Proverb 16:9). We…

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How does Jesus lead the church?

Church leadership is an ‘interesting’ issue. Opinions abound as to how we should structure, organise, prioritise, conduct ourselves, and so on with regard to the leadership of local churches. Yet…

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A conviction for time in the Word

This morning, I sat down with my Bible open at Isaiah 6-8. I must admit that I sat down this morning more out of conviction that spending time in my Bible was good and essential for my soul, rather than a clear expectation to be deeply encouraged and strengthened. Today, I give thanks to God that my convictions overruled my pathetic apathy. It turns out that Isaiah 6-8 has a lot to say to me about how great and glorious my Heavenly Father is and how sure and certain my hope in Jesus is.

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A survey of Evangelism

A survey of evangelism in the New Testament (part 1)

‘Evangelism’ (and its subsidiary terms, like ‘witnessing’ and ‘outreach’) is a word that gets used a lot. Christians are to be doing it, churches should engage in it, the growth of Christianity depends on it. But what is ‘it’? What is evangelism?

In the first part of this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the principles and examples of evangelism as we find them in the New Testament and coming up with a basic biblical understanding and framework for evangelism. Then, in part 2 of this post, we’ll be thinking about three ways that a biblical understanding and framework for evangelism might shape and even challenge our current concepts and practices.

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