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Witchalls.co.uk is the website of Alan & Kirsten, Joshua & Leoni Witchalls.

Alan Witchalls
Alan Witchalls is a vocational Gospel worker who currently lives in his home county of Essex, UK. He currently serves as the Director and Producer of Video Bible Talks, an expositional Bible teaching ministry that supports local churches with faithful Bible teaching using the medium of digital video. Alan is passionate about equipping and encouraging young people and families to live for Jesus in every area of life, particularly in helping teenagers to grow deep roots into the Bible and sound Christian theology that shows itself in how they love other people.

In 2004 he spent three years studying for a degree in Youth and Children’s Ministry at Oak Hill Theological College in North London. Since then he has served in various youth and children’s ministry roles in Christ Church Bromley, the Parish of High Ongar and most recently in Romford Evangelical Church.

Kirsten Witchalls
Kirsten Witchalls is a trained Careers Advisor specialising in providing careers advice to teenagers. Prior to 2003, Kirsten worked as a Development Officer for HSBC head office. Kirsten is passionate about helping people who might be struggling in life or their faith to work things through with a biblical mindset and find rest and peace in the grace of God in Jesus.

Joshua Witchalls
Joshua is a growing boy who loves Jesus, and enjoys Lego and pretty much everything to do with space.

Leoni Witchalls
Leoni is a growing girl who loves Jesus, enjoys laughing and pretty much everything to do with life.