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Mar 24

Video Bible talks prototype: Psalm 1

A few months ago I posted about the idea of producing Video Bible Talks for use in church youth groups, school CUs, and other small group contexts (you can view that post here). Since then, I have been hard at work writing, filming and producing a prototype Video Bible Talks video for Psalm 1, which is […]
Mar 16

Acts 29: Equip 2017 conference notes

This week I have been blessed to be able to attend the Acts 29: Equip 2017 conference in Manchester, UK. Acts 29 is a reformed, evangelical and missional church planting network committed to churches that plant churches in Europe and into the 10-40 window. You can find out more at Here are my notes from the […]
Mar 02

Three important questions for every church

Churches can be complicated things. Even a small church of 80-100 people can have many aspects to it: preaching and leadership teams, music groups, youth and children’s ministries, small groups, and so on. Trying to maintain the day-to-day running of all these aspects is one thing, trying to make sure you are being faithful and […]