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Nov 06

Jesus, I my cross have taken

Jesus I my cross have taken is one of the many x-hundred year old hymns that have been given a new lease of life by overhauling the music it is set to. In the case of this hymn, the music has been reworked by Bill Moore and can be found here. However, the original words are still quite dated. For instance, one of the later verses end with the line 'child of heaven, canst thou repine?' Repine? What the heck is that?! I have been asking people for nearly 9 months now (since I first heard the new arrangement) and still haven't met anyone who knows what that word means.

So, I have set about updating the words (I seem to have a habit of doing things like this) but in such a way that the original sense or meaning is not lost or diluted. Here are my updated words, and I hope the prove useful and uplifting for you and your church.

Aug 05

World War remembrance artwork

100 years ago Britain entered into the Great War or, as we now call it, World War I. In memory of those who served, fought, sacrificed and died to uphold freedom, and in to honour and fulfil Romans 13:7, I have put together this composite piece to help continue the memory and legacy of brave men and women all those years ago.

Jul 03

Revelation title slide image

I've been getting ready this week to preach on Revelation 19-22 at a youth group weekend away for older teens. Revelation is such a visual book of the Bible rich in imagery, metaphors and biblical theology; I think reading it is the textual equivalent of watching a film in full 4D vision with the volume on 10, the brightness and contrast on max, on a motion simulator.

So, to give me a break every now and then from the work of preparing to preach Revelation, I've been working on a piece of composite artwork to act as my title screen. And here it is...