Revelation title slide image

Revelation title slide image

I’ve been getting ready this week to preach on Revelation 19-22 at a youth group weekend away for older teens. Revelation is such a visual book of the Bible rich in imagery, metaphors and biblical theology; I think reading it is the textual equivalent of watching a film in full 4D vision with the volume on 10, the brightness and contrast on max, on a motion simulator.

So, to give me a break every now and thenĀ from the work of preparing to preach Revelation, I’ve been working on a piece of composite artwork to act as my title screen. And here it is…


Click the image to see it full size.

I’ve called it ‘composite artwork’ because I have taken existing images to make a final composite piece. As such, it is free to use and I have attributed the original sources used in the list below.

Original sources

Sunset background
Beast and harlot
Individual flames
Spread flames
White rider

Please note, the above links were acurate at time of writing. Please also note that if accessing any of these sites results in the Last Day for your computer, it wasn’t my fault. You have been warned!