Bible Centred Youthwork conference 2015: Day 1

This week I have the joy and privilege of being at the Bible Centred Youthwork conference, a conference dedicated to focusing the work among children and young people in our churches on the principles and content of the Bible.

Each morning I’m hoping to share my notes and whatever thoughts/wisdom I have that might be helpful to people who aren’t able to be at the conference this year, or to those who want to sharpen their thinking with regard to biblical youth and children’s ministry in the UK today.

Here are my notes and thoughts from the two sessions on Day 1.


Fallen off the wagon of family worship?

This morning, I had a great time reading through Psalm 1 and talking about it over breakfast with my family. It was a simple 10 minutes spent munching cereal and chewing over God’s word together. But it was the first time in a few weeks that I had lead my family in a time of looking at the Bible and praying for the day ahead (ironically, it was the annual pastor’s busy season of Christmas that diverted my attention away from leading my family!). Yup, I had fallen off the wagon of family worship. And I suspect I am not the only one to do so.

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